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The ability to design a winning organization

The complex business problems we are faced with today cannot be solved with the same mindsets they were created with. All companies must therefore start from a point outside traditional management. Forget total quality. Forget top-down hierarchies. In this era of fast moving markets we can no longer ”decide” the way forward. We need to ”design” the way forward that bypasses the static cultures and fossilized layers of times past.
We are a business partner that develops innovation-driven leadership for companies which have realized that the key to sustainable growth is constant change. By understanding your business environment and culture, we shape self-propelled leaders at various levels who can design winning organizations with motivated employees.

”Everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones.”

Herbert Simon, Social Scientist and Nobel laureate




box-innovation”Innovation is the ability to transform an organization’s resources by taking advantage of the employees’ creative abilities to create new solutions in the form of products, services and processes that actively contribute to the development of both their own company and of customer profitability.”



box-facilitering”The role of the facilitator is to design a process that supports the group, the individual and the company in making a move from the present position to the desired position. Our way of doing it encourages participation, ownership and action from everyone involved. The facilitator’s loyalties lie primarily in creating the best results for the company and ensuring the individuals’ well-being. The facilitator is responsible for the process but not the content.”
Sibbet, Ledarskaparna


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