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We design our service concept in accordance with your needs

We put a whole set of innovation-driving services at your disposal. All are well tested and carefully selected to meet your needs.

Management Team Development
• Strategy Management
Management Team´s ability to make strategic decisions.

• Implementation Management
Management Team’s ability to implement strategic decisions.

• Innovation Management
The Management Team’s ability over time to strengthen the organization’s Innovation Force.

Leadership development
• My Innovative Leadership
Strengthen innovative and personal leadership.

• Leading innovative teams
Developing managers who can design, manage and develop innovative teams for profitability.

• Leading an innovation-driven organization
Develop the ability to design an innovation driven organization / company that can deal with continuous changes.

Particularized services
• CEO coaching / sounding board.
Sounding board and support for business challenges, coaching relating to particular problems.

• Management Coaching
Individual management support, personal development, leadership development and coaching programs.

• Leadership Barometer
360° leadership feedback, customized analysis tools and management development.

• Management Team Barometer
Management team Analysis tool, identification of development points, shared vision of the group’s potential, comparing own group with high performance teams.

• Assessment survey. Valueonline ®
Assessment tools, self-awareness tools, personal development, linking personal and corporate values, assessment management, leadership development, change management.


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