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Management Team Development

Bild på modell ledningsgrupputveckling

Three levels of Innovation Driven Management Team Development

In a world of constant change, new demands are put on how the management team works. Today, competition is global, while new technologies give us new opportunities to distribute information. Speed is increased and we are forced to make quick decisions based on more parameters on uncertain foundations. It is therefore crucial to create a management culture that promotes constant change and making initiatives becomes normal throughout the organization. With our model, you can ensure innovation-driven management team development at three levels.

1. Strategy Management
Management Team´s ability to make strategic decisions.
• Feasibility study
Assess the management team.
How does the management team perform compare with high-performance teams as well as from an innovation perspective?

• Planning
The Design process with its goals, ambitions, content and boundaries based on the business environment.

• Team Development
Develop the team so that it can take on challenging strategic tasks and have the ability to make high-quality decisions.

0-4 months.

2. Implementation Management
Management Team’s ability to implement strategic decisions.
• Preparations
Prepare the management team for the implementation, and formulate a change description that can be communicated clearly and which will motivate the organization.

• Implementation
Ensure that everyone will voluntarily implement agreed improvements and fulfills company goals.

• Evaluation
Assess lessons learnt, and decide on further measures linked to the organization’s perceived obstacles and needs.

4-16 months.

3. Innovation Management
The Management Team's ability over time to strengthen the organization's Innovation Force.
• Innovations audit
Ensure that all the company’s control devices point towards a culture of innovation, and design them so that the resulting behavioral changes are permanent.

• Innovation Culture
Management, as a team and individually, implements all agreed innovation driven changes.

• Measure the Innovation Force
Verify completed transfers and gather data on which to base further needs to strengthen the innovation force.
Deepen management’s understanding of the organization’s Innovation Force.

16-24 months.


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