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Leadership development

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Three levels of Innovation-driven Leadership development

Fundamental elements for an innovation-driven leader are creating security, creating a tolerant environment where creativity is encouraged and mistakes are allowed to be made.
The innovation-driven leader dares challenge and break established patterns. He/she has the ability to capture employees’ ideas and grasp what the team or the organization needs in order to increase its innovative capabilities.

The innovation-driven leader designs in step with the constant changes and has the courage to try out solutions before they are fully finished.

With our model, you can ensure innovation-driven leadership development in line with your specific needs

1. My Innovative Leadership
Strengthen innovative and personal leadership
• Self-awareness.
• Increased security in the leadership role.
• Basic leadership development.
• Desire to change.
• Design your own leadership development.

3-4 days( 3-5 months).
At least 2 occasions.

2. Leading innovative teams
Developing managers who can design, manage and develop innovative teams for profitability
• Develop employees and teams.
• Insights and tools for high-performing teams.
• Increased ability to develop and operate a business-like unit.
• Insights and understanding for innovation-driven leadership.
• Change Leadership through realize-own-perform.
• Individual coaching for the participants.

6-7 days (6-8 months).
3-4 times.

3. Leading an innovation-driven organization
Develop the ability to design an innovation driven organization / company that can deal with continuous changes
• Proactive adaptability in enterprises.
• Designing effective decision making processes for business challenges.
• Running an innovation-oriented organization in a strategic direction.
• Strategic project work in cross-departmental teams.
• Top management involvement.

12-14 days (10-12 months).
5-6 times.


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