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Leadership Development


Can you get more power out of leadership?

When we first started in 1991, this was the question we worked on along with our first customers. Much has changed in the world since then even though people have not changed. Our hallmark in leadership development is that we design content so that managers feel that they can practice ”on their own reality”. We always see each individual. In addition, we are well known for challenging the usual comfort zones.
We design all leadership development assignments in line with the customer’s specific needs.

The following are examples of some of our programs.

Customized leadership development – driving change

In order to be able to rid ourselves of old habits and to be able to be flexible with the when and how to use the various leadership tools requires a long development process. The art of leading teams is central to advanced leadership development, and we place great importance on experience-based exercises.

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Innovation driven leadership

A leader who drives innovation creates security and a tolerant environment in which creativity is encouraged and mistakes are allowed. The innovation-driving leader dares to challenge and break patterns. Our research collaboration with Chalmers and our 20 years of experience in leadership development in dynamic organizations have enabled us to develop a program in which we train leadership behaviours that are crucial to strengthening innovation capacities.

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Training in Change Management

Too many managers lack concrete tools for leading change. It is no longer a question of managing imminent change, today change is the normal state of affairs. In training Change Management our work is based on the Realize-Own-Perform method that prevents you and your employees from falling back into old patterns of behavior.

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Feedback training

Consider whether anything in leadership is more important than feedback. Let us know if you think of anything. Until then, we will continue to train feedback with leaders irrespective of their place in the organization. We offer shorter training sessions as well as intensive training courses over several days.

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The Manager’s most important dialogues

We know that you belong to the majority. You probably are one of the many managers who want both a clearer structure and better results for the constantly recurring manager dialogues. We can satisfy a whole range of customer needs here; everything from sharpening your communication skills in well developed performance reviews and salary discussions, to helping you further develop the structures to suit your company.

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