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The Company- History

4 april, 2013 | By |

People in profitable organisations shall feel good

Ledarskaparna has worked on the development of enterprises, leaders and management since 1991. We were one of the pioneers in linking business strategy and leadership.
For us it has always been a given that human growth and company growth should go hand in hand. When leaders and management are loaded with innovation force, they can design the way forward in a changing marketplace. This results in increased profitability over time and an organization in which employees can achieve their full potential and feel good in the process!

Om – Ledarskaparna – Varför vi finns

4 april, 2013 | By |

Vi bidrar aktivt till att människor mår bra i lönsamma organisationer och ser till att insatser i ledarskapet leder till konkreta förändringar som håller i sig.


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