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Management Group Development


Do you have a shared vision of the management-team mission?

We at Ledarskaparna ask questions that are not normally asked in daily management-team work. We do this because we know that most management teams do not take the time needed to reflect. Nothing drives a management team’s effectiveness as strongly as working with correctly formulated questions that are timely.

We design all of our management-team missions in accordance with the customer’s specific needs.
Below are examples of our most popular methods for supporting management teams.

Future Action oriented Leadership – Management Group-FAL®

Management teams often includes persons with strong opinions. Views on what issues should be prioritized and what role the group should play vary. It can then be difficult to realize the management team’s full potential. That is why we at Ledarskaparna has created and developed the FAL®. Views on what issues should be prioritized and what role the group might vary.

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Change-management support to the management team

Many management teams are required to implement major changes in operations without any prior experience; nor do they have the time for ”trial and error”. We can guide these management groups by sharing our methodology and extensive experience.

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The Management Team Barometer – TPB™

However you look may at it, the management teams that want to take the first step towards becoming a high-performance management group need a common understanding of what should be developed as well as a desire to take on the development work. With the measurement tool TPB™, we can smoothly accomplish this.

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