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Future Action oriented Leadership FAL®



            – Support for a more effective management team



Management teams often include strong-willed leaders. Views on what issues should be prioritized and what is the role of the group might vary. It can then be difficult to realize the management team’s full potential. This is why we at Ledarskaparna have created and developed FAL®.


FAL® helps your management team to:

  • Improve internal and external communication
  • Establish more efficient meeting structures and a clearer allocation of roles
  • Prioritize the most important tasks
  • Deal with changes and act in the long-term

Improve internal and external communication

FAL® gives you and your management team working tools that enable you to communicate more effectively, both internally and externally. A focused and unified management team provides a role model signalling action. At the same time it disseminates a calm and good work atmosphere among employees.


More efficient meeting structures and a clearer allocation of roles

FAL® includes support for more efficient working practices and meetings. Roles become clearer with everyone’s understanding of each other’s strengths. Even the main objectives of the group’s core tasks become clearer for everyone involved.


Prioritize the most important tasks

A key element of FAL® tools is to create an anchored consensus of the management team’s most important tasks; in other words, how the individual or the management team as a whole chooses to prioritize. The program enables both the group and the individual to spend time on the right things.


Deal with changes and act for the long term

Nothing lasts forever! Many companies and organizations have experienced rapid and disruptive change. Therefore, the management team’s perhaps most important characteristic is the ability to act together as a whole and adapt to a changing environment. FAL® provides extensive support for this.


How FAL® works

You will meet two experienced Ledarskaparna consultants who will be your impartial partners. Through individual conversations with members of the management team and with the company president, a common picture of the management team’s specific development needs will be generated. Subsequent meetings facilitated by Ledarskaparna will result in new and more efficient work methods for the management team as a whole. Ledarskaparna will challenge your management team concerning the team’s purpose, role, views on change, communication, meeting structure, and not least, the team’s long-term planning.


Results and follow-up

At the project’s end we will have created together a concrete action plan to guide the management team’s long-term work. Some time after the end of the project, we will follow it up by meeting the management team and individual members and, if necessary, plan and provide further assistance.


This is what you get with you as an individual member of the management team

Individually and as a member of the management team it will not only be easier to prioritize your time, but you also get personal development and strengthened competence in the role you have. You will then take both the tools and the personal insights you have gained to your own department or team.

All work including all conversations and documentation have full privacy protection.
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Examples of customers who have chosen FAL®. Feel free to ask for references
Swebank, Papyrus, Helly Hansen, Postnord, Sweco, Akzo Nobel, NCC, Arbetsmilöverket, IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet, PwC, IL Recycling, Arla, STF, Telenor, Trafikverket, Södra Skogsägarna, MyNewsdesk, Eltel, Avanade, m.fl.


Ledarskaparna in brief

Since 1991 Ledarskaparna is a leading company in the development of management teams and managers. We give support in change processes, contributing to a clearer leadership and a strengthening the customer’s innovative corporate culture. All consultants have background as manager.
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