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Smile, one of Sweden’s fastest growing chains of dentists, are convinced that it is possible to make the dentist visit a more enjoyable experience than is currently the case.Therefore “exceptionally comfortable dental care” is a part of Smile’s brand promise. The point of departure in leadership development are the company’s values and they should, above all, be made visible for everyone in the organization and then filter through to the customer.

David Halldén, CEO, “It is important that we see this as a shared journey, and that the content is designed gradually over time. We are very humble when facing the path we have to take. It has no value without a common understanding of how we conduct our assessment work and how we lead. ”

Roy Bartilson, Ledarskaparna, continues: ” The centre of gravity of the process will be a combination of personal growth and assessment work. The idea is that the journey will continue in the clinics. We do not stop at the training days, but the really important work is carried out in the clinics. As the leadership training is grounded in experience based pedagogy as well as in the everyday challenges the Smile managers face there is a great variety of exercises and reflective conversations.

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