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Innovation is the key to profitability

Innovation is the ability to transform an organization’s resources by taking advantage of the employees’ creative abilities to create new solutions in the form of products, services and processes that actively contribute to the development of both the company as well as customer profitability. What does lasting change signify for you? Here you will meet the latest thinking on innovation.

Is it personal fears and prestige that prevent right people from being in the management team?

Posted on maj 15, 2013 by Roy Bartilson

At times we feel that it is harder to develop a top level management team than other groups elsewhere in the organization. During an assignment with a management team, we often got stuck when someone, very sophisticatedly and usually unconsciously, slowed down progress. He (we call him Pierre) was one of the most experienced of the lot and had great expertise concerning company products.

Our coming into the picture was due to the company’s financial troubles and the necessity to make difficult decisions about both changes and cutbacks. Pierre generated different factions in the management team through his “weight” during informal conversations with some people concerning the excellence of his own department. This was not noticed by the group.

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